Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I officially have: Fruit Fever!!
But first, I must confess my Fruit Fail.  :(  Wer Wer Werrrrr...

So, my "juice cleanse" was a fail.  I tried to start it on Friday, and although the day started out well, it was near impossible to keep up with it as the day progressed.  Juicing with this Omega juicer takes a large chunk of time because you have to cut all the fruit into slices that fit into the "chomper tube thingy".  Then comes the clean up.  Cleaning the juicer is nothing short of a headache.  So, anyways, I have been juicing every morning and then eating regular clean meals throughout the rest of the day instead of juice all day every day.

This brings me to Fruit Fever!
Aaaghhhh!!!  I LOVE JUICING!!!!!  Although I'm calling it "Fruit Fever"--it's actually fruit and vegetable fever...it just doesn't sound as cool as DOUBLE F!!  FRUIIIT FEEVVVEERRRRRRRRR!!!!  Good thing I'm alone because I'm laughing like a maniac and growling "fruit fever" at the cats.
So far, my absolute FAV juice drink is either:
1) Carrot-Apple-Spinach
~ 4 Carrots
~ 2 Apples
~ 2 to 4 Heaping handfuls of Spinach
2) Pineapple-Carrot-Celery
~ 4 strips of pineapple (Less than 1/5 of the pineapple)
~ 2 Carrots
~ 2 or 3 Celery stalks

Aggghhh...LOOVE IIIIT!
And, actually, I've found that if I DON'T juice (only tried to skip juicing once on Sunday because I didn't have time to do it for breakfast), I feel lethargic and nasty.  Maybe it's all in my head, I'm not sure.

Teen Mom is on now, sooooo...GOTTA GO!

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