Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cat Juice

Do you know how many cat lovers are out there???  No, let me correct myself, not just cat lovers but Cat Loving Bloggers!!!!  What the heck.  In trying to settle on a fitting web address I found "veggiecat", "catpaws", "catpause", and even "catjuice" (a spin off of a cat loving juicer recipe philanthropist) were all taken.  Whaaaaaat the heck.  C'mon.  Cat juice???  Who owns that?!  I'll save you the trouble: it's a girl that speaks a foreign language and likes to take pictures of herself in mirrors with her friends.  And also let me confirm that I did not actually want the blog domain of "cat juice" but I was 100% certain that it would be available.  I think even Vegas odds would have been on my side.

Well, so, this brings me to veggie piggy.  For those of you who know me, you probably agree this is a fitting web domain...and for those of you who don't know me--you will soon agree.

But food isn't what this piggy is all about.  I'm relating this blog to a grab bag of sorts.  Perhaps I'll talk about cats, or fashion, things that sparkle, cats, wedding plans, health and wellness, cats, Teen Mom, or perhaps I'll grace your computer screen with elaborate pictures and words about cats--I know how many of you bloggers out there love your cats!

Today's posting is a result of me, status post a double shift at the hospital.  But this is how my mind generally works.  A spattering of confetti thoughts with a hefty helping of glitter...and....

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  1. That picture is hilarious! And Yayyyyy I am so excited to read your blog!